Tuesday, September 15, 2015

13.09 - Elektra at the Palace Hall

Palace Hall

Richard Strauss - Elektra
Bayerische Staatsoper Orchestra
Sebastian Weigle

Cast, as presented on

Klitemnestra (their mother, Agamemnon’s widow) – AGNES BALTSA (mezzo-soprano)
Elektra (Agamemnon’s daughter) – ELENA PANKRATOVA (soprano)
Orest (Orestes), son of Agamemnon – RENÉ PAPE (bariton)
Chrysothemis, her sister – ANNE SCHWANEWILMS (soprano)
Aegisth (Aegisthus), Klytaemnestra’s paramour – ULRICH REß (tenor)
Orest’s tutor – CHRISTOPH STEPHINGER (bass)
Her confidante – MARZIA MARZO (soprano)
Her trainbearer – ANNA RAJAH (soprano)
A young servant – KEVIN CONNERS (tenor)
An old servant – CHRISTOPH STEPHINGER (bass)
An overseer – HELENA ZUBANOVICH (soprano)
First maid – OKKA VON DER DAMERAU (contralto)
Second maid – ANGELA BROWER (soprano)
Third maid – HEIKE GRÖTZINGER (mezzo-soprano)
Fourth maid – ERI NAKAMURA (soprano)
Fifth maid – IRIS KUPKE (soprano)

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